What is your weakness?

What is your weakness? Perhaps one of the worst personal interview questions that can be asked… However, we can all answer it, no one is a finished article and understanding your weaknesses is essential to personal development. but this still doesn’t dismantle the paradox that you’re in an interview trying to look you best. Personally, I hate this question how do you expose what perhaps isn’t you most attractive front. But this is a great opportunity to connect with your interviewer.

The approach

You can approach this question in several different ways, a joke, humblebragging, or the truth. Understanding the approach is key but first, you need to understand the interviewer. have you built good rapport? Have they made jokes earlier in the interview? Are they serious? These kinds of question will help you decipher the way forward.

The joke

Delivery is key! In the past, I have said: “football… My left foot is terrible” and then followed up with a more serious answer. The joke works well as a setup but always follow it up with something perhaps your number 2 weakness and be sure that you’re keen to improve this.


Personally, I find this gag-worthy, however, it can be good for setting up a compliment on yourself. “I’m a work acholic!” or “I’m sometimes too much of a perfectionist”. It is important to bear in mind that you may be told that everyone says that and need a backup so perhaps honesty really is the best policy.


Tell them your weakness, but make sure that it is something that is manageable and that you can work on it but it won’t directly impact your work. For example, if you’re working in a role that requires a lot of independent work but collaborations are sometimes required welcome it. “I naturally lean towards independent work but I know that collaboration is essential to delivering the job successfully and I really look forward to being able to work with other people on a project from a self-development perspective.

Overall, answering this question can be problematic but with a bit of forward thinking and addressed with confidence there is no reason this will hold you back.

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What is your weakness?