An Internship at Henlow Recruitment Group

Coming to the end of my internship after just over 12 months I’ve been reflecting on whether my internship at Henlow Group has been a valuable experience… without a moment doubt, I can 100% say YES!

Gap year at Henlow.

Unfortunately, my university course did not offer the opportunity for a Sandwich course but finding myself with no real direction to my studies was incredibly demotivating. So I took it upon myself to deferred my studies and seek some enlightenment. Rather than the typical southeast Asian adventure or inter-railing around Europe, I stuck myself 200 miles away from a small town outside of Leeds, in the middle of London, the most multi-cultural city in the world in a young company. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified

Go big or go home?

Not the case for me. I was attracted to Henlow due to its size and culture. I joined when the company had a small but highly efficient team of around 20 extremely competent and motivated individuals in their respective fields. Rather than fearing getting lost in a huge organization, I felt that I could make a huge impact. The company has now grown to over double the size that it was and I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it all.

Nomadic Intern

Don’t be scared if your role isn’t focused to one function. Within the company, I’ve touched upon and assisted in practically all aspects of the business at varying levels. Full-cycle, pick up or Greenfield, no matter what I said yes, yes, yes! Do not get me wrong that my journey has been all smooth sailing. But then again smooth seas do not make for skilled sailors. I was here for the experience and I was going to get it one way or another.

What are you waiting for!

I’d 100% recommend an internship for every student. If you either have no goal or a set path, do it. Simple as that. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a supportive and progressive company, such as Henlow Recruitment group all the more power to you.