How to be an effective leader

Being an effective leader can be challenging. Your own work and productivity are often impacted as leading people as time-consuming. From balancing conflicts and engaging full emotional intelligence whilst also maintaining your cool can be difficult at the best of times, but top it off with several project deadlines, that one major client who is always problematic. Helpfully we’re here with a few tips that might make your day just that little bit more manageable.

Delegate wisely

Delegating tasks is a key aspect of being a leader and should not be overlooked as just another part of the job. At first, this may take time. Understanding skill sets. Over time this will become effective and agile experiences as you will be able to rely on your team as the extension of you.

Set goals

Goal setting is often overlooked as a menial task used by the top to gauge progress. Well, that is exactly the point, however, goal setting can be extremely effective when used as a tool to motivate your team. Ensuring that goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and Time Related is key to ensuring the goal acts as a motivator and not demotivating.


This seems like an easy decision… But how are your team supposed to understand a task if it is not shown to them or how are they supposed to understand what is expected of them without being told?

Make time for your team

Most understand time management for you own project however, effective time manage that not only provides time for your own work, managing your team and leaving work on time! Use of a diary is perhaps one of the better ways to manage time. I find by giving myself strict time frames as to when I work on different projects allows me to hit deadlines and maintain a varied day.

Acknowledging success

Always focusing on the bad and how to improve (unless constructive) can be very demotivating. Ensuring that you are praising each member personally whilst some may find this embarrassing they will appreciate the gesture. It also shows that you are attentive to their work and appreciate everything that they have contributed to the business.

Longevity solutions

As it says on the tin. This will allow you to provide a solution that will stand the test of time. This also means that you will not be wasting time in the future to implement another solution.

Why so serious?

The best leaders are relatable, charismatic and above all relaxed. Your team will look to you for support and reassurance. Control your emotions so that you’re cool, calm, and collective will create a positive contagious attitude! So loosen up and connect with your team.

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