Leading to blind Failure

Being the Boss: Why So Many Leaders Fail

An interesting read by Elizabeth Lions. We’ve all been there… under a tyrannical leader that never accepts one’s own faults and sees nothing but failure in their team. Unfortunately, this is often not the acceptation but the norm.

This article takes a look at the soft skills that a leader requires. Whilst it is essential that they have the skills and talent that clearly brought them to that position, they must also have the ability to lead.

A leader to me is someone who I want to follow and aspire to be. This is someone who is right beside you and not just in the high tower watching with no sense of what you’re actually doing.

Whilst reading this I am reminded of playing rugby on a Sunday where the captain was always the first to call you out on any mistake but failed to see his own on top of this, his ignorance of anything good. As you can imagine, he didn’t last long as a captain.

As pointed out the emotional qualities needed to be a leader are as important as the skills need to carry out many of the tasks the position requires.

Great article for those looking to become a leader or those who perhaps finding it hard as a leader looking to identify how they can possibly improve.

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“Managers and leaders are often chosen by organizations based on their expertise. However, that means many organizations fail to take into account soft skills like people skills, relationship-building skills, and trust. While it is important for a leader to be technically sound, that isn’t the entire picture. Great leaders also need to have great soft skills.”