The changing face of Investment Banking

FinTech A lot has to be said about the rise of technology within finance. Over the last 65 years, it has been somewhat of a juggernaut that has gone from strength to strength. From the 1950s that brought us credit cards, the 1960s and ATMs to the 1980s which saw the rise of bank mainframes […]

Become YOU, not just the “9:30 interview.”

How to conquer your interview before it even starts We’ve all been through it. We’ve all had those light butterflies transform into nothing but crippling nerves. Whether it was at school waiting to receive the latest test results or waiting for the interview that can change your life. You’ve just been offered an interview with […]

Conflict Resolutions – Conflict is inevitable and unavoidable for any Project Manager

  Welcome, Reiterate, Isolate, Overcome and Conclude… Conflict is inevitable and unavoidable not only in the workplace but in everyday life. Some simply call it politics and rightfully so but ignorance to conflict is often much more destructive.  Whether a conflict is small or large you can take some steps to ensure that the conflict […]

Back To Cyber School

  I often read posts on LinkedIn, from InfoSec specialists, lamenting the skill and professionalism of recruiters within our industry. It’s usually either experienced candidates being offered junior positions that they would have been over-qualified for 10 years ago, or hiring managers who have spent half an hour with a recruiter to explain their requirements […]

Positive Signs for IT Industry

Optimism is continuing to increase across IT, with spending on hardware and software expected to increase in 2013 by 2.5% to $2.68 globally, according to Gartner The banking sector is likely to see the biggest budget increase for IT spend with manufacturing also likely to increase spending. Increased spending is due to the demand from senior […]